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Deutsche Bahn, a global railway transportation company, is at the forefront of sustainable mobility. With over 300,000 employees, they are committed to reducing CO2 emissions and advancing e-mobility. Their focus on technological advancements and sustainability demonstrates their dedication to shaping a greener future.


Deutsche Bahn faced significant transformation obstacles as it strived to support the transition to sustainable energy. To drive this change, the company recognized the need for a new generation of leaders who are able to bring fresh perspectives and embrace innovative solutions. However, developing these young leaders posed a challenge. While Deutsche Bahn provided valuable internal training opportunities, they were not always aligned with the contemporary needs and aspirations of the emerging leadership cohort. There was a demand for a development program that offered a more tailored and forward-thinking approach to equip these leaders with the necessary skills and insights to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable transportation effectively.


Deutsche Bahn recognized the importance of seeking new solutions to develop their leaders, leading them to collaborate with Junto. 

Learning from Expert Executives: Leveraging Junto's expertise, Deutsche Bahn's emerging leaders had the opportunity to acquire practical and applicable leadership skills from top executives with extensive leadership experience. Notable instructors, including Tara Rule, Senior Director at Adobe, and Georgie Smallwood, CPO at Tier, shared their invaluable insights and experiences with the group of DB leaders. 

Addressing the Skills Gap: To kickstart the development process, an initial skill assessment was conducted, which revealed key areas where the leaders needed to enhance their capabilities. These skill gaps included mastering the art of structuring effective one-on-one meetings, delivering constructive feedback, and improving delegation skills. Armed with this insight, the leaders actively participated in a cohort-based course specifically designed to address these challenges head-on, with guidance from the experienced executives. 

Personalized Learning Path: Following the course, the leaders collaborated with a Junto Learning and Development expert to craft personalized learning paths for continuous growth. This approach ensured that the DB leaders could engage in further deep-dive sessions and foster meaningful exchanges with peers from the Junto community who had successfully overcome similar challenges, enabling them to bridge their skill gaps and thrive as effective leaders within Deutsche Bahn.


The collaboration between Junto and Deutsche Bahn has yielded remarkable results, effectively addressing the challenges encountered by the company's emerging leaders. By embracing a fresh approach to leadership development and leveraging external expertise, Deutsche Bahn has witnessed a transformative impact. 

The practical and actionable leadership skills imparted by esteemed executives, equipped the DB leaders with invaluable insights and strategies. The high instructor ratings averaging 9.3/10 reflect the profound influence of external expertise in paving the way for enhanced leadership practices. This external input has broadened perspectives and provided a safe space for sharing experiences. The implementation of the 1-on-1 feedback template, learned during the program, has significantly improved communication within teams. Leaders have observed immediate improvements in their ability to structure effective meetings, deliver constructive feedback, and delegate tasks efficiently. This shift in leadership approach has garnered positive feedback from employees, leading to increased collaboration, productivity, and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76.

"The first time I used the 1-on-1 feedback template, the employee I used it with was amazed. This feedback immediately changed how we structure our 1-on-1 meetings now." - Ilma Bojadzic, Junto participant

Looking ahead, Deutsche Bahn remains committed to cultivating a culture of continuous learning and collaboration. The partnership with Junto provides access to a lifelong learning community, enabling DB leaders to engage in ongoing deep-dive sessions, leverage on-demand resources, and exchange valuable insights with their peers. This sustained collaboration will empower Deutsche Bahn leaders to navigate future challenges, drive innovation, and guide teams with the confidence and skills required to shape the future of sustainable mobility.