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Hive, a Berlin-based technology company with 300 employees, stores and ships products for small and medium-sized online merchants the next day. The company's multichannel integrations, D2C and B2B orders, custom packaging, and smooth return handling help e-commerce companies optimize their operations. It integrates with over fifteen delivery carriers and inventory is automatically distributed between five fulfillment centers to save money and time. Hive has raised over $43M in capital from leading investors and was last valued at $157M in November 2021.


In February 2022, following a period of rapid growth, Hive found itself facing a unique challenge. With the post-pandemic headcount growth beginning to slow, the company anticipated potential retention difficulties arising from limited promotion opportunities within the organization. Recognizing the importance of nurturing and retaining their existing talent pool, Hive needed to shift its focus towards developing strategies that would engage, motivate, and provide meaningful career progression for its employees.

This challenge necessitated a thoughtful approach to talent management, ensuring that employees felt valued, supported, and encouraged to continue their professional growth within the company. By addressing these concerns head-on, Hive sought to cultivate a thriving internal ecosystem that would fuel innovation, maintain employee satisfaction, and ultimately propel their continued success.


To address the challenge of developing and retaining existing talent, Hive worked with Junto to implement a comprehensive set of solutions tailored to each leader's needs and aspirations. The following initiatives were put into place:

Junto Leadership Circle Competency Model: As part of the onboarding process, each leader underwent a thorough assessment of their strengths and weaknesses based on the Junto Leadership Circle competency model. This model served as a framework to identify areas for improvement and establish individualized learning goals for each leader. By leveraging this model, Hive aimed to enhance the leadership capabilities of its team members and align their development with the company's strategic objectives.

Building Operational Experience: Hive recognized the importance of hands-on experience in shaping effective leaders. To provide leaders with practical skills and insights, Junto’s 6-week cohort-based course was introduced. Led by instructors with deep operational expertise, this course offered valuable knowledge and techniques on being a leader. Additionally, weekly peer-to-peer meetings were organized, providing a platform for leaders to reflect on their learnings, share experiences, and gain valuable perspectives from their peers. 

Additional Development Opportunities: Junto fostered a culture of continuous learning by developing individualized learning paths for each leader. These paths encompassed various forms of professional development, including deep-dive sessions tailored to specific areas of interest or skill development. Additionally, Junto facilitated connections and knowledge exchange by matching leaders with Junto members from other companies in personalized 1-on-1 sessions. These external interactions allowed Hive’s leaders to gain fresh insights, broaden their perspectives, and establish valuable connections within the industry.


Junto empowered Hive’s leaders with valuable knowledge, skills, and industry insights, enabling them to navigate complex scenarios effectively. These initiatives not only focused on immediate development needs but also encouraged a lifelong commitment to continuous learning, ensuring that leaders would remain engaged, motivated, and equipped to overcome future challenges.

Hive experienced tangible business outcomes resulting from the program, including a 32% uplift in goal attainment of those teams with participating leaders and an impressive 512% return on investment (ROI), underscoring the substantial value generated from their investment in leadership development. Hive's leaders demonstrated noticeable shifts in behavior, applying their newfound knowledge and skills to decision-making, communication, and team leadership.