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GoStudent is a digital platform that connects students to teachers in a virtual learning environment. Founded in Vienna in 2016, the EdTech platform employs over 800 people and is operational in 15 markets. GoStudent provides paid, one-to-one, video-based tuition to primary, secondary, and college-aged students in 20+ subjects, using a membership model. GoStudent has raised more than €291m from investors including Left Lane Capital, DN Capital, Coatue, and DST Global.


GoStudent encountered a significant challenge after a round of layoffs. The aftermath of these workforce reductions resulted in decreased morale and heightened uncertainty among the remaining employees. Middle managers were crucial in leading through this period of change to minimize attrition risks. GoStudent understood the significance of equipping their middle managers with the necessary leadership skills to effectively lead their teams during times of uncertainty.

These managers were responsible for fostering a positive work environment, rebuilding morale, and ensuring a smooth transition through organizational changes. It was essential for them to develop strong communication abilities, empathy, and the capability to inspire and motivate their teams.


GoStudent turned to Junto to help develop the leadership skills of its middle managers. Together, they implemented a range of solutions tailored to the specific needs of GoStudent and its leaders. 

Tailored Evaluation: Junto conducted individualized 1-on-1 onboarding sessions to assess the strengths and weaknesses of GoStudent's middle managers. This evaluation process took into account the company's overall priorities, ensuring alignment between individual development needs and organizational goals. By understanding the specific areas of improvement for each leader, Junto designed targeted development plans that addressed their unique challenges.

Coursework for Skill-building: Based on the assessment results, middle managers at GoStudent embarked on a comprehensive 6-week cohort-based course. This coursework was carefully designed to equip leaders with the necessary skills and tools to navigate the challenging market environment. By focusing on relevant topics such as change management, effective communication, and resilience, the course aimed to strengthen the leaders' abilities to lead their teams through uncertainty and drive positive outcomes. 

Individualized Learning: GoStudent's leaders were provided with personalized deep dive sessions tailored to their specific development needs. These sessions allowed leaders to delve deeper into areas requiring further improvement and gain practical strategies for success. Additionally, GoStudent's leaders benefited from Junto's community, providing a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and learning from peers who were facing similar situations. This collaborative environment enabled leaders to broaden their perspectives, share insights, and learn from the experiences of others.


Middle managers at GoStudent acquired valuable knowledge, skills, and insights through the Junto program, enabling them to navigate the challenges of an uncertain market environment and enhance their leadership capabilities. GoStudent experienced several positive outcomes as a result of the program. Notably, the company witnessed a 26% increase in employee retention, indicating a more motivated and engaged workforce.

Additionally, there was a 37% improvement in the employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS), reflecting enhanced perceptions of leadership and the work environment. The return on investment (ROI) was an impressive 516%, underscoring the substantial value generated from investing in leadership development. These figures highlight the tangible benefits of the partnership, showcasing GoStudent's commitment to nurturing its middle managers' growth and capabilities, which resulted in improved employee satisfaction and business success.